Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scienic Idaho

We visited Lake Coeur d'Alene one week before my due date. I felt safe knowing I was closer to a hospital while on vacation than when I was home.
There are a number of model T's sitting on the bottom of the lake, due to people in the early 1900s who would drive across the lake during the winter time in order to save half the distance in getting around the lake. When the ice broke, so did the chances for getting across. Also, there are some steamboats on the bottom that had been burned when they were no longer used to ferry people around on the lake. Divers frequently visit these ruins on the bottom.
This is how you get a four year old to hike. Offer rides on Dad's back up the hill!

We also visited Lake Pend Orielle and had a pic-nic on the shore.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Location, Location

Our vacation was too short! We went to the Oregon coast and stayed in a rustic yurt. We ate seafood, visited lighthouses, and saw seals sunning themselves on rocks. We searched the tide pools, collected seashells, and roasted smores over the fire. I only wish we could have stayed longer and viewed the sunset from the beach. I must give my husband credit for taking lots of great pictures. He captured the top three in this group. The weather was crisp and cool, only getting into the low 70's. Now that we have returned home we get over 90 everyday. I really am wishing I was back at the beach.

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