Monday, November 17, 2008

My New Running Partner

When we first got our puppy I tried to take her running with me. I feel really bad that I did. She was so little that she couldn't keep up and she thought I would leave her if she couldn't see me. I took her to the track and made it one lap. The poor puppy was breathless and thirsty and I had to take her home. After that if she saw me running she would sit on the porch and wait for me to finish. Now that she is older and bigger she enjoys going with me and loves to tag along. I feel safe with a canine companion. There is something comforting about a dog at my side. She has been known to chase the coyotes away as well as the wild turkeys. But, I really wish she wouldn't chase the wild turkeys. I need them to eat those rotten apples from under the trees. Even though I make her go outside most of the day, I really do like having a dog for a pet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Busy...

Here I am, workin' on my muscles. No time to blog when you have a pile of wood to chop.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Menacing Threat

It was time for dinner and the table was enclosed in a fort of blankets. Towers of books held the walls in place and pillows spilled out from the sides. I set the timer for seven minutes, as long as it took to steam the broccoli, and told the girls to pick it up before the timer went off. They thought they should challenge my request. "Or what will happen if we don't pick it up before the timer goes off?"
... me, scrambling for a threat, what would make them hurry?

... "I'll, .... I'll eat your broccoli and you won't get any!"
What ensued was amazing.
"Hurry, fast or we won't get any broccoli." Mad scrambling, blanket folding, book shuffling, orders barked at younger sister, and with exactly a minute to spare the table was clean.
You have to be quick around here if you want any broccoli!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gainfully Employed

You may have noticed the sparcity of my posts lately. I blame that on my new job. I have been working for about a month now, using my Bachelors degree. (It sure is nice to have that hard work pay off!) It makes me want to get my Masters Degree. It does take up my time and keeps me busy, but it is worth it. I jumped in with both feet and I'm not looking back.

September Title Picture

Cousins! There is nothing so grand as time spent with a cousin. I remember driving hours in the car to visit my cousins. One year we drove to Wyoming for Thanksgiving, where my aunt had made 16 pies! (I can't remember the exact number, anyone know?) To me, the stack was miraculous. This was the same aunt who made my Christmas stockings! Did I mention she is amazing!