Friday, August 31, 2007


Nothing can explain why I feel happy when I look at my canned peaches. I get a sense of accomplishment from putting fruit in jars. I did that! I actually made something. I did have the help of my Sister to which I am forever indebted. I wouldn't have a clue without her assistance and intellect. We came home from said Sister's house, opened a jar, spooned it onto our pancakes, added whip cream, and we were in heaven.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 591st home run Saturday night when the Cincinnati Reds played the Florida Marlins at The Great American Ball Park . The park is located in downtown Cincinnati on the banks of the Ohio River. We had great seats behind home plate courtesy of my Sister and her Husband. We went to the game with them on a double date. According to my Sister you have to get food at the stadium. So in keeping with tradition we brought some cash and hunted for nachos during the fifth inning. We also flagged down a cotton candy vendor near the end of the game. It was the best pink cotton candy and I have to agree with her that ballpark food really sets the atmosphere. We had a blast.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Art Card # 33

This challenge was kind of hard for me. I was suppose to make my card in ten minutes with whatever I could find on my desk. I didn't have a professional photographer at my wedding so I thought it would be fun to create something with a snapshot from that day. I still haven't done a wedding album. I am the kind of person that likes to look at all the creative things other people make and I just never get around to doing them myself. I must confess it took my 13 minutes to make my card.
creation of this card: first I crumpled the black background paper, added the ribbon, found a picture, attached a sticker, and then used a screwdriver that was on my desk to scratch the corners of the photo.


We have discovered a new variety of watermelon that is amazing. It is sweet and juicy just like its red counterpart only yellow! We found ours at the Indianapolis Farmer's market in downtown Indianapolis. It is located on Market Street which is paved with bricks and closed off during Wednesday mornings for the outdoor event. There are lots of fruits and vegetables that are fresh from the local growers. Peaches, raspberries, corn on the cob, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, apples, green beans, potatoes, cantaloupe, and peppers line the tables while crowds of shoppers snake their way through the colorful array of fresh produce. The Farmer's market is one thing that I love about Indianapolis.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Art Card # 31 & #32

Art Card #31: No regrets.

For our trip we purchased a double screen mobile DVD player for the car. We looked around at various stores to try and located the cheapest one. Best Buy was sold out at multiple locations. We finally found one at Walmart. When we opened it up we found it had been used and returned. A tinge of "buyers remorse" hit like a ton of bricks. It was missing a strap and had fingerprints on the screen. We tested it out, improvised our own strap, and had peace and quiet in the car for our trip. I have no regrets keeping my purchase.

Art Card #32: Quiet

The quiet part of my life occurs in the afternoon when my vivacious daughter goes off to Kindergarten. All is quiet. When she is around there is never a quiet moment as the air is filled with questions, singing, laughter, and the occasional sibling rivalry. With her gone the house feels eerily silent. Hence the sticker, life is better with her around.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonders of Nature

"Children need adults to spend time with them. To take walks, hand in hand and sit for a while so they can talk about the wonders of nature....(that was) made for us to enjoy and take care of. Things like butterflies, leaves, rocks, flowers, birds... and answer the kind of questions kids ask." -Ed Whalen

While on a recent letterbox hunt we passed the Friendship Gardens in Plainfield, IN where I found this quote on a plaque next to a waterfall. It reminded me of my two daughters and the time we spend outdoors with them. I never regret taking them on walks, bike rides and hikes, looking at bugs and smelling flowers. In an article I read this week it said, "research shows exposing kids to nature yields all manner of health benefits, both physical and mental. Contact with nature improved attention spans and self-control in kids. Kids who spend time in nature also tend to play more creatively and handle stress more effectively." We need more of that at our house. If you are looking for us you'll find us outside.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

3,726 Miles

We drove across the United States with our two daughters logging more than 3,726 miles on our 14 year old Toyota Camry. Just for entertainment purposes and to keep myself alert, I was on the lookout for licence plates again. The elusive states included; Rhode Island, Delaware, Georgia, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. I did not expect to find 44. It was pleasantly surprising. I found Alaska on the back of an old truck in the middle of Boise, Idaho and yelled out to my DH to take a look. It was like finding a golden ticket in a chocolate bar.

My advice for today:
Never leave a permanent marker where your toddler can find it.
Always change into your cleaning shirt before going near a bottle of Clorox bleach.