Thursday, July 10, 2008

A few old photos from last year....

Which one is your favorite?
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Ralphie said...

The sepia toned flower for sure!
I love that one.

And duh, Snaps, did you know that you have your blog set to partal feed? Which means that I can't see your pictures or entire entry from googlereader unless I do a few more clicks and get inside your blog.

If you are doing that on purpose then that's cool, but if not it's really nice for your readers to see the entire thing from google without having to click into your site. (and if you're not using google reader, you really must. it'll be your best friend and save you so much time when blogging)

Just a suggestion! And I'd go shopping with you any day!

Kt said...

I love the black and white flower. (OH, I'm not as pic savvy as Ralphie.... SEPIA.... "clear throat". :)

I also like the one of the girls with the ball.