Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Library

I mentioned that I was going to have to make a separate post about our library. Well here it is. We live in such a small community that the library is very tiny. There is not even a librarian. You just go in and check out your books and file away the cards in the drawer behind the counter.
This morning Lulu asked if we could go to the "egg chairs". It took me a while to figure out what she was talking about.
This was our old library...

It was gigantic. It was brand new and it was simply breathtakingly beautiful.

In the children's section they had these chairs. The "egg chairs." So we are all missing our Indianapolis Central Library.

But our new library has some excellent literary choices. Like these...

Two brothers want to go to the circus but don't have enough money. Find out what they do to earn some.

"Unlike many books on death for the little ones, this one doesn't tell a story. Instead, it addresses children's fears and curiosity head-on." Booklist

The section titled "Ways to Remember Someone" was my favorite. It says, "Even when someone you love dies, you don't lose him completely- you still have your memories. That person can always be a part of you."

  • Make a scrapbook about her.

  • Play the game "I remember when..." with your family and friends.

  • Look at his photograph.

  • Keep practicing something he taught you.

  • Write a poem about her.

  • Keep something of hers in a special place.

  • Visit her grave.

  • Make a new friend who reminds you of her.

  • Have a picnic to celebrate his birthday.

There are more ideas in the book, I just posted my favorite here.

I really enjoyed the artwork in this rendition. It is a classic tale that my mom use to read to me and I enjoyed sharing it with my own daughters.


Kt said...

Ooh, I want to go get the circus book. That looks like a fun one. I also just read a version of town and country mouse. Very cute.

Lorinda said...

Love the self-checkout, what a unique library experience. We love Jan Brett. If you haven't checked out her website, you should. Cute activities and coloring pages and lots more stuff!