Friday, September 19, 2008

Kettle Crest Trail

On the way to Republic, WA over the Sherman Pass is the Kettle Crest trail.

The elevation is 4,000 feet higher than at our home and a bit cooler too! One should wear hats and jackets when hiking this trail as the air cools off substantially, especially in September. On our first attempt at this trail we went in shorts and t-shirts and nearly froze.

Here is the view from the top!

We came to the home of giant boulders, who slumber peacefully along the hillside. It was fun climbing over them to discover their hidden treasures.

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Vibrant orange berries

Ripe, wild raspberries, sweet and juicy.


Heather said...

Very fun - nice pics and beautiful surroundings! Since you asked, our camp trip was by Sun Valley. How fun to be a hiking type family!

Kt said...

It is so beautiful there!

Wah, and I'm stuck here.