Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Menacing Threat

It was time for dinner and the table was enclosed in a fort of blankets. Towers of books held the walls in place and pillows spilled out from the sides. I set the timer for seven minutes, as long as it took to steam the broccoli, and told the girls to pick it up before the timer went off. They thought they should challenge my request. "Or what will happen if we don't pick it up before the timer goes off?"
... me, scrambling for a threat, what would make them hurry?

... "I'll, .... I'll eat your broccoli and you won't get any!"
What ensued was amazing.
"Hurry, fast or we won't get any broccoli." Mad scrambling, blanket folding, book shuffling, orders barked at younger sister, and with exactly a minute to spare the table was clean.
You have to be quick around here if you want any broccoli!


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious... Who would have thunk it!?! Did they eat their broccoli?

Lorinda said...

how did you instill such a love of broccoli in them? so funny! My kids love the blanket forts too!

Kt said...

That's awesome! Reminds me of my broccali munchers. Dad has a funny story about brussel sprouts.

snappy said...

I am pleased to say that my girls ate their brocolli. The secret is I serve it with lemon pepper and some mayonaise for dipping. It adds just a bit of zest and creaminess.