Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Creations

Here is a birthday card I made for my sister. First cut your paper into a 4"x11" piece. Fold it 4 1/2" from the left side, this should leave you with and 1 1/2" to fold over on the end. Tear the end that folds over and add a colored piece to give dimension. Cut three squares for the middle accessory. A 1 1/2" square, a 1 3/4" square, and the biggest at 2" square. Stamp desired image on the smallest of the three and layer together. Use dimensionals to adhere the square by the corners. This allows room for the ribbon to go underneath the layers. Tie with a knot or bow.
Apricot blossoms and forsythia blooms.
Baby bird eggs!
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Korea-Seoul-Map said...

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Jalene said...

The card you made is really nice! You are so creative! Your sisters are lucky!

Kt said...

I LOVED my card! I always look forward to mail and... Doodle is reaping the benefits of talented cousins.