Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bargain Shopping

While at R.E.I. this weekend I ventured into the garage sale room. This is a sale on items that have been returned by customers and then sold to the public at a discount. None of my girls have sleeping bags and when we go camping we stuff them into an older one my husband had before I met him and bring along lots of blankets. This bag retails for $59.95 but at the garage sale I got it for $9.73. The only defect I could find was an X on the back in permanent marker, and I had two girls who both wanted to use it. I did make sure the zipper worked while in the store. Once I was at the Gap Outlet and bought a sweatshirt, then found out at home the zipper was broken. I think we hit the jackpot!

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Lucky Starfish said...

CUTE!!! I want to use it too!