Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Hip P.E. class!

When I took physical education class at my Jr. High, the coolest thing we did was walk to the bowling alley and knock down some pins. Here the kids get to shoot a few arrows. This is right below my house. Flying arrows from a bunch of kids. I think it is totally cool. Only the most respected P.E. teacher could pull this off. When I took bowling class the teacher gave us our grades based upon our bowling score. Let me tell you, had it not been for those gutter balls, I would have gotten straight A's. I missed straight A's for the semester because of my bowling score? Couldn't she take into account my willingness to participate and my enthusiasm for the game?
I don't think I would be any better at archery.
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Katie said...

That's cool! I remember doing archery once in high school PE and it rocked!