Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hall Creek

I decided to take the photowalk challenge. I saw this challenge from Darcy, she says, "Have you ever done a photowalk? Have you ever challenged yourself to walk around with your camera and consider the world around you differently through your lens?  I challenge each of you, if you’ve never done one before – load up the kids in the wagon or stroller, strap that camera on and be intentional about seeking photo opportunities in your own backyard."
I realize I am behind in my Everyday Beauty posts for this year. I am suppose to post a picture weekly of something I find beautiful from where I live. I guess with the cold weather, the leaves falling off the trees, the flowers in my garden black with frost, got me in a rut. Then I read this post and was inspired again.
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Lorinda said...

Wow! That's just gorgeous!