Friday, October 4, 2013

Fish for letter F

We just had to put together the 100 piece puzzle, when letter F day came around.  It was much to hard for my daughter on her own, so we ended up working together.  I would get the piece and show her how to stick it together.  She really enjoyed doing this puzzle and was the one to request it. 
For craft we made a fish bowl.  I cut fish out of construction paper and let her glue them on and decorate them.  This took her a good twenty minutes.  She made them a little castle, (the brown arch) and some sea weed.  She wanted to draw eyes and mouths and fins. 
I found a great book series at the library that showcases letters.The series is put out by ABDO publishing company,  called: Super sandcastle, It's the alphabet.  The book we checked out is called It's F!  The book is written with the letter in initial, medial, and final positions in words.  I really liked that not all the words had the letter at the beginning.  The pictures were great and we got to find the letter in all sorts of fun places.  We also read: Catfish, Cod, Salmon, and Scrod, and Do you know about Fish?  Another great book to read, but one we did not is One fish, two fish, Red fish, Blue fish

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