Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to make a christmas tree

I have a ledge in my entryway that has baffled me for sometime.
I'm not sure what to put there that would look nice.  Then I thought some little trees would be perfect.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I decided to make my own.  I recycled one, used, artificial tree into three. 
Here is a picture of the bottom half of the artificial tree.  I picked one that had good branches.  I didn't want big thick and bushy branches. I wanted one that resembled a Blue Spruce.  Then I bought some dowels, I wanted that trees to be staggered in height.  One dowel was 58 inches and the second was 52.
I measured my dowels and marked off every ten inches so I could drill three holes around the marked area. 

The wires on the artifical tree were too long so I took some needle nose pliers and cut them off. This was pretty hard and I had to use some muscle to get them cut, but I did it. Next I placed the wires into the holes to make my smaller trees.
I stained the dowels a maple color to resemble tree bark and attached the branches by wrapping the first wire branch around the trunk. This gave some greenery to the trunk and held the branches in place.
I had to make the Charlie Brown tree stands for my dowels. I used scraps of wood to put the stands together. 


RETA said...

Great idea! I've never seen anyone do that. Your new trees turned out wonderful!


Lorinda said...

Super cute! Love them.

chadandsara said...

love it! such a good idea!

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