Saturday, July 14, 2007

Art Card #27

We planted our first butterfly bush this year. It has pink blossoms and has already attracted a Red Admiral and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail to our backyard. It is great to see such beautiful creatures stopping by for a drink of necture. We got our butterfly information from the Dick Crum Resource Center at the White River Garden in Indianapolis. They provided a handout which lists plants that attract butterflies. We chose a shrub that blooms all summer. This shrub comes in a variety of colors. Our local librarian told us she bought a black one and my SIL has a blue one.
The Art Card Journal prompt comes from Emily each Sunday. I make my card based on the prompt for the week. I have been making the cards since January but didn't have a blog to post them on. I really enjoy this because the cards are small and I feel like I can record something in a unique, creative way. Just you wait... there is more to come.


Yellowflwrz said...

What kind of shrub do you have? I have some plants on my back deck that are supposed to attract butterflies but I haven't seen any around them.

Ralphie said...

Did you make that card? Absolutely fabulous darling!

kt said...

I would love to see all your art cards. Are you going to post them from now on?

snappy said...

To answer your comments and questions: yellowflwrz- sorry to be confussing; the shrub we planted is the butterfly bush.
ralphie-Yes I made the card and thanks for the compliment.
kt-keep visiting, I will post more of my cards.

em said...

your card is gorgeous! so glad you shared :)