Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Art Card # 29

And just to prove my point, while making this card I accidentally put the sticker on the wrong side and had to add the rest of the stuff to it because when I tried to peel it off it ripped the paper! I even spelled "no body's" wrong in the first version. My DH thought I intended to spell it wrong to get the point across. I am imperfect and need to remember to forgive more. I shouldn't demand perfection so much!
I am not the world's best speller, you won't find me as a finalist in the spelling bee, so if you ever see any mistakes please leave a comment so I can edit my blog. I would like it to be perfect!
supplies: newspaper clippings, Miss Elizabeth's sticker, brown ink


Marjolein said...

I love this!!!!! Very good, and hey, that spelling.... who cares, would have been fun though, if you had a mistake in it:-))

Je@net said...

I just love your card!! Your so right and what a great story behind it!! Thanks for sharing!
Have a nice day!!

Dani said...

I agree absolutly, indeed nobody is perfect !!, it would not be nice if it was ;)...very boring then !!, so yes i do like your card !!, great card !

Stephanie said...

I saw that one or two of your friends are doing these art journal things. How do you get started and where do you find out what the assignments are? I would like to try it. Thanks!

kt said...

That's a funny story about you making it. WHat? You're not perfect? I guess I hold you up there pretty high! : )