Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Snaps

Crisp days, crunchy leaves, cooler nights, soccer games... leads my mind to wander to a time when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Z. I had some spotting, it was my first pregnancy, I called the hospital. They told me I better come in and get checked. I had lost my mucus plug. That is where the spotting came from. I was dilating and having contractions but they were sporadic and irregular. "Walk around the hospital and see if the contractions get stronger." So I walked. Forget that. Nothing changed. I wanted to go home. So they let me go.

We went to a soccer game. Then we went to the movie store and rented something, I don't remember what. Then we went to bed. I couldn't sleep. The contractions were getting stronger and I had to sit up with each one. They were about seven minutes apart. I would lay down and close my eyes. Then I would bolt upright with each contraction. When they were five minutes apart and I couldn't stand the intensity of the contractions I woke DH. At around 2 am I got admitted again to the hospital. The nurses said, "We have been waiting for you to come back." Let me tell you, they knew a lot more about what was going to happen to me than I did. I wondered how they knew I would be back that night? I was young, innocent, and didn't have a clue!

We went to an Indiana University vs. Penn State game over the weekend. The IU team won 1-0. They are the only undefeated team in their league. The girls collected fall treasures from the ground. That my mind to wander to this weeks activities:
Monday:Have someone read a story to you. Tell what you would do if you were in the story.
Tuesday: Name ten words that start with P.
Wednesday: Tell three safety tips for trick-or-treating on Halloween.
Thursday: Say the names of all the people in your family.
Friday: Draw a picture of yourself in a favorite costume.


Lucky Starfish said...

converting VHS to DVD takes some special equipment. M got a bonus, so we purchased such a wonderful machine. I wouldn't mind converting for you if you sent me the tapes...

I would love to do this for our old tapes of when we were young, but I think Ann might not let me. I'm too afraid to ask.

Ralphie said...

I love the east in the fall. It is so beautiful there and your pictures make me miss it dearly. Enjoy all of those fabulous colors!

Lucky Starfish said...

I love these pictures! Yah, too bad on missing the dates on the thing at the local photography store. Ummm about the photo contest... those were the results. They choose five photos, a first place and four honorable mentions. We didn't win, but we were mentioned honorably!

I would love to take a photography class with you! how much fun would that be?!?