Thursday, October 25, 2007


Lulu has a very funny sense of humor. She has been long overshadowed by her older sister who seems to think it a crime if there is a moment of silence. Even with the stiff competition Lulu seems to know that she has to make every comment count. Her witty sense gets us all laughing, so hard sometimes, we get tears in our eyes.

Looking into my cereal bowl she noticed my chopped bananas sitting on my corn flakes and said, "Your banana is at the park in the leaf pile."

In the backseat of the car I heard, "Fishy Fishy in the brook Daddy caught him with a hook, Mommy fried him in a pan, and baby ate him like a baby... That's what it says in my fishy book."

"I wish our car would fly like an airplane."

Lulu brought me my bra held it up and requested, "I want you to put this on and see if you look like a mermaid."

Here is my favorite drawing from Z this week. A duck wearing a crown, necklace, and cape; taped onto the back, in matching purple with red hearts. I really wish I could show you the three dimensional view. Much cooler than this one sided scan. Look closely and you can see the wispy eyelashes.


kt said...

SO cute! She is SO cute. I love the picture too!

larksong39 said...

So funny! Reminds me of Lulu's daddy and his older sister, S. when they were little. S was a chatterbox, and sometimes he would crack us up with what he would say when he got a chance.

What a creative duck Z drew!