Sunday, February 3, 2008

Making Valentines

Called me lazy. I do not have the energy to buy them. I would have to get in my car and drive for at least 15 minutes one way. Take small child in and out of car seat, be bombarded by plethoras of choices, and distracted by "sale" signs. So I took the easy way out! I have all the supplies at my fingertips. (Thanks to numerous other "shopping trips.")

Supplies: cardstock, stamps from JoAnn's and Stamp'in Up, ribbon from a broken hair barrette.


Ralphie said...

Love the colors of the new title picture. A very nice overhall of the blog. It's fun to do those huh?

Kt said...

So cute! The easy way out would be to buy them for me! (Maybe) I love your new top picture too.

Lucky Starfish said...

I always thought that the store-bought variety of Valentine's cards always seemed Cheap. I would love a valentine like this!