Monday, February 11, 2008

Think Spring!

Since it is bitterly cold out and I am pining for spring I thought some flowers would cheer me up. I hope you enjoy. And please, think spring.

What are you pining for?


Ralphie said...

I'm thinking "Move to Texas Snappy. Move to Texas."


Lucky Starfish said...

I'm pining for a trip so that I can visit my neices. :D

Man of the house said...

I'm pining for pine trees, pine cones, pine nuts, pine wood derby, a pineapple, a porqupine and a pina colada.

Kt said...

Yes! I'm thinking spring! I want to plant some of those bulbs this year! Better do it now?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers; I'm thinking that I definitely prefers spring and summer to winter, but the snow and cold makes me appreciate the beautiful flowers when they do come. One thing for sure, there's less outside work to do in the wintertime. I love the fact that we've had lots of snow and rain; the trees and flowers always look so much healthier after we've had a really wet winter. I love the skies during this time of the year; the sunsets, when they are beautiful, they are different from the sunrises in the summer. They're softer somehow.

Now, this is from Larksong39, and I'm afraid I don't know how to get my name to appear, so I'll probably have to log on as "Anonymous" again...until I get it figured out.