Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't throw it away!

Warning: Don't read this if your hungry.
My sister and I have this running joke that we can't throw food away unless it has some kind of mold on it. If there are any leftovers, but not enough to feed more than one person, you still have to put them in a container and place them into the fridge. You can't immediately throw them out. That would be wasteful. What if someone wanted to eat them later? (Only that never happens.) We seem to agree that we are not allowed to throw them away until they have been in the fridge for a week or two and they have become completely inedible and lost all nutritional value.
Last night I pulled off the mother lode of wasteful. My spinach was getting a little wilted and I knew I had to cook it or throw it away. So I pulled out a pan, added water, and boiled it for several minutes. Then I turned the pan off, left it on the stove overnight, and threw it away in the morning.


Minnette said...

I love it! That is TOO funny I find myself doing the samething with my leftovers. You crack me up snaps!

Kt said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! That's awesome!

larksong39 said...

That's sooo funny because I do the same thing--I really can't waste anything if it's freshly made! I frequently have to go through the veg. drawer in the refrigerator and toss out items that aren't fresh, and other items in the refrigerator, esp. left-over salad. As far as leftovers from meals, Grandpa pretty well takes care of them. He's such a big eater and will eat (most) anything that I make. I made a dish of chicken enchiladas from Oprah's show when she had Cristina Farrare (sp) showing how to make them. I baked the chicken and made the enchiladas, and they were delicious. I spent the better part of two days doing that. He raved and raved about the chicken--I know he wants me to do that again! Anything that he doesn't want to eat, the dogs will be happy to get, and that makes it easy to get rid of food no one wants.