Sunday, October 5, 2008

September Title Picture

The picture for September was a flower we planted. (cheers and clapping)
The girls had so much fun picking out packets of seeds in the local hardware store. Lulu kept insisting I let her buy a package of pumpkin seeds. We have several green ones growing on the hill next to the house. By the time we were ready to plant seeds it was late in the season and they were all 40% off. It turns out my daughters have pretty green thumbs. They must have inherited it from their dad. I have been know to kill several plants, namely the first bonsai DH bought. I cursed it. Now I am trying to change my ways and become a better person. I feel really bad about that first bonsai.


Kt said...

That flower is so cool. It looks like it has little yellow flowers growing on it as well.

Your pictures are always so cool

Man of the house said...

Don't worry about the first bonsai. As long as you don't curse the dog...