Sunday, December 7, 2008

We hit a....

Now, I know what you are thinking... "not a home run, it's not baseball season, and they do live in the mountains."
Yes, my friends it was Bambi's mother. I could tell by that look in her eyes. We were driving on
bluecreek road around 7pm when she darted toward our car. It was pitch black and had been that way since 4:30pm. The sun sets at an unreasonable hour when you live up north.
"Why is she coming toward our headlights? She should be running away from them." And then the impact of her torso and the side of our car.
Z wanted us to turn around and find her to see if she was o.k. But, we were waiting for our airbags to deploy and hoping they wouldn't. We saw two more deer after that, but since we had already had one impact, were driving cautiously and slow. Again the second deer ran across the road in front of us!
We didn't inspect our car until we reached the ferry. My dad had purchased a small flashlight to put in our glove box on one of his trips to town. (Thanks) We whipped it out and walked along the driver's side looking for blood, dents, deer hair. We saw nothing, and thankfully our airbags are still where they should be. So I guess you could say we hit a home run!

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Kt said...

Hopefully my kids don't hit one with their bikes! There are some that live in our back green space.