Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where-in I call 911

It's almost 4th of July, which means all the boys around this neighborhood buy a gazillion fireworks and light them day and night. Sunday morning, (o.k. it was almost noon), I went out to set up my bike trailer/jogging stroller to take a walk. As I was about to attach the handle for pushing the stroller I turned and saw flames in the pine trees just east of my house. Then I remembered my three week old infant inside the house and started to panic. What if the flames spread and I had to flee my residence. I won't be able to put out the fire myself. Then I realized I better call the fire department because my little garden hose if not going to reach the flames. I got out the phone book but couldn't find a number for just the fire department and did I mention I was panicking a little? I decided I better just call 911.
Then a helicopter came with a bright orange bucket dangling underneath, the fire truck, ambulance, and hot shot crew. It was quite the morning and that walk I was going to take... just forget about it.


Lucky Starfish said...

Hahahahaha... okay, sorry it's not funny that your house almost caught fire or that it caused you panic. I just can't help but giggle. I can just hear Dad's voice now.. "Tzeitel, Don't forget the baby!"

Lorinda said...

Ok, not a funny situation, I realize. But your description is so cute!

Minnette said...