Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking ahead!

There are some interesting signs that I have noticed around our community. This one is on the way into town. Someone turned the intersection sign in to a large "J" and added the letters "ake" after it. Even though I live far away from my brother I always think of him when I see this sign. He is my brother that is always doing something adventuresome and daring. Like the time he tried to burn his school papers at the end of the year. He went outside and put them in a pile, added what he thought was diesel, and lit a match. It turns out, he really had gasoline and the papers ignited into a ball of fire. If I recall he was leaning over the papers to light them and so his head ended up inside the flames. His hair was singed clear to the back of his head. Even the hairs in his nose were singed. Of course, since I was the oldest sister, being left to watch my younger siblings while my parents were out, I had to come to his rescue. I remember calling 911 and filling the bathtub with water. He made a full recovery, but still had a few more pyromaniac experiences to add to his resume. Each one a little more dramatic, and with more pizazz, but those are stories for another post. So, to end this post, I give a shot out to my risk-taking, thrill-seeking, audacious, exploratory brother and I'm sure who ever vandalized this sign must have also had a few of those qualities.
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