Monday, June 4, 2007

Keeping Quilt

Reading Patricia Polacco's book, The Keeping Quilt, inspired me to include some fabric that was my mom's into this baby quilt. In the story, the family's clothing was cut and made into a quilt. It was then passed down from mother to daughter and then to granddaughter. I decided to pass on a little something from grandma to her grandson through my sewing. I hope my nephew will think this is a quilt worth keeping.


Potato Girl said...

This looks like a beautiful quilt.

Also, that photographer you have a link to on your blog is do you know her?

snappy said...

I enjoy good photography blogs and found her while cruising the web.

Anonymous said...

My son recieved this blanket this week and I treasure it! It sure is special to me. It's definitely a quilt we'll be keeping!