Thursday, June 28, 2007

My paternal grandmother has the most incredible rose garden. When I was growing up, I lived close to her and, we would visit her often. I remember walking through the rows and rows of roses, bending over to capture the scents of each variety, looking at the colors blending into each other on the petals, and feeling their smooth texture against my nose. I would see my grandpa getting out the gardening sheers and he would allow me to pick my favorite and then clip it for me, taking care to break off the thorns so I wouldn’t get poked. To this day if I happen to visit my grandmother’s garden during the summer and there are roses, we still perform this ritual. Maybe my love of flowers, stems from the irrefutable feelings of love and care that I received from my grandparents and their rose garden.
Even though I don't live close to my grandmother I enjoy flower gardens and I am learning to plant my own. These photos are from the White River Gardens located on the grounds with the Indianapolis Zoo.

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Yellowflwrz said...

Wow I love that shot of the butterfly! I am learning more about photography and I really want to take a class some day. I love taking pictures, and I really enjoy seeing yours!