Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium

I am not a football fan. I use to go to the games with my father when I was a little girl. The football games I went to were held outside in the winter. I huddled under a blanket shivering to get warm as the minutes stretched forever into the dark, crisp winter evening. I wished I could close my eyes and fall asleep. I imagined I would freeze to death on the bleachers and everyone would mourn my passing, but the game always ended and I roused my frozen body and went home to my warm bed.

Then I moved to Indianapolis, home of THE COLTS. I entered the blue zone! Then I learned that my father and my brothers adore the team.
They played in a dome called the RCA dome. Now they are building a brand new Lucas Oil Stadium. I have taken some pictures to share with my fanatic family of the building of the new stadium. First they dug a ginormous hole, added a lot of cranes, some cement, bricks, windows....

The new Lucas Oil Stadium is set to open in August of 2008. If I attend a Colts game in the new stadium, I won't have to huddle under a blanket, turning "The Blue Zone" into a whole new meaning for me.


Ralphie said...

The first paragraph is exactly how I feel about football. Exactly.

Kt said...

I LOVE Football! Very clever "blue zone." :) I know I like the Colts better way better than the Bengals!!!