Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Refrigerator Raider

Overlooked Subject Three: Refrigerator Raider

Here is my little fridge. On top I keep my crockpot, tea kettle, and bag of walnuts that my father-in-law gave me. No fridge is complete without family pictures plastered to it, and of course, the art made with love.

The magnets are a life saver. They keep little hands busy while I chop, dice, and grate. They are so cute too. The dolls were purchased at the Indianapolis Museum of Art gift shop. I love the way they look.


Kt said...

Those are SO cute! I love them. I LOVE your house. Besides all the "sterotypes" of where you live and why you live there. It is your home and I LOVE it because you are there.

Ralphie said...

I'm so sad I have never seen your house! Please move closer to me!

Lucky Starfish said...

I miss your fridge and your house and the people that live in it!