Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am so excited for Thursday April 17, 2008. This is the day that my kitchen cabinets in my home are scheduled for replacement. But, before the new cabinets can be installed I will be required to remove all items from my old kitchen cabinets, counter tops and walls. I must move them to another room in my home with a clear, unobstructed path from my front door to my kitchen. Ummmm, it looks like I may have to put my pots and pans on my bed, my microwave in the bathtub, and the dry goods on the dryer! Will it be worth it to get these brown 1970's cabinets outta here? Tell us what you think!


Lucky Starfish said...
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Lucky Starfish said...

Besides being totally worth it, it will be like a trip down memory lane! Remember when Dad would take the cabinets off and revarnish them? Our kitchen used to look so bare! or the time we got new carpet in our living room and we had to move the sofa into the dining room??? We didn't have a square inch to spare! Plus, Your kids will get a kick out of seeing ordinary objects in random places.

Kt said...

You can even shuv some under the bed! Totally worth it!!!!