Sunday, April 20, 2008


Friends are like four leaf clovers... Hard to find, but lucky to have.

I guess you could say I have been pretty lucky lately. I found this four leaf clover while on a walk with great friends. (They happen to be my husband and my daughters.)

To answer comments from my last post; Yes, the new cabinets were totally worth it, even if I'm only able to enjoy them for three weeks. We have lived in this apartment for nearly four years. When I moved in I wanted new cabinets and I heard that some apartments were getting them. I mentioned that I would probably get mine right before I moved out. I shouldn't have jinxed myself. They smell so new! It makes my whole house smell wonderful. Now I actually enjoy sitting in my kitchen. That may sound really weird, but before with those 1970's cupboards I didn't stick around much after the meal was finished. Now I want to stay and enjoy the lovely background.

And the weather was lovely... that's another plus!


Kt said...

I'm betting that '08 for you will be great! It's your year! So many exciting things to look forward to!

Heather said...

Where are you guys moving to in 3 weeks? Have I missed the great reveal? I love checking in on your blog, even though I'm a bad friend and don't leave comments. I'm dying to know of your next journey!

Butterfly said...

Your blog is so cheerful and uplifting. Thanks for sharing yourself, I enjoy it.