Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dog days of summer!

My dog is very protective of her family. She growls at strangers and barks at cars that come in our driveway. She loves to chase anything that will run. Lately the magpies have been gathering round the dog dish in the morning, they chatter and tease her, and then steal her dog food. One magpie will lead her on a wild chase while the other closes in for the steal. I guess I can't blame her for chasing fowl birds. They would get on my nerves too. That doesn't excuse her for her poor behavior today. She should know better than to chase innocent chickens.
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justinegordon said...

how lovely I have one just like this! she has a thing about socks and always has to carry one around with her.

Nancy E said...
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Nancy E said...

Nancy E said...
Love it! A candid dog photo --- my favorite! I Love photographing my puppy (yellow lab - truly a Lab fan all the way - boxy heads, great bodies) --- Nice work.