Monday, August 20, 2007

Art Card # 31 & #32

Art Card #31: No regrets.

For our trip we purchased a double screen mobile DVD player for the car. We looked around at various stores to try and located the cheapest one. Best Buy was sold out at multiple locations. We finally found one at Walmart. When we opened it up we found it had been used and returned. A tinge of "buyers remorse" hit like a ton of bricks. It was missing a strap and had fingerprints on the screen. We tested it out, improvised our own strap, and had peace and quiet in the car for our trip. I have no regrets keeping my purchase.

Art Card #32: Quiet

The quiet part of my life occurs in the afternoon when my vivacious daughter goes off to Kindergarten. All is quiet. When she is around there is never a quiet moment as the air is filled with questions, singing, laughter, and the occasional sibling rivalry. With her gone the house feels eerily silent. Hence the sticker, life is better with her around.

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