Monday, August 27, 2007

Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 591st home run Saturday night when the Cincinnati Reds played the Florida Marlins at The Great American Ball Park . The park is located in downtown Cincinnati on the banks of the Ohio River. We had great seats behind home plate courtesy of my Sister and her Husband. We went to the game with them on a double date. According to my Sister you have to get food at the stadium. So in keeping with tradition we brought some cash and hunted for nachos during the fifth inning. We also flagged down a cotton candy vendor near the end of the game. It was the best pink cotton candy and I have to agree with her that ballpark food really sets the atmosphere. We had a blast.


sister said...

I'll have to email you the pictures so you can post one if you want. It was fun to read from your perspective.

Lucky Starfish said...

Yes, Please post a picture or two... I miss hanging out with the two of you!

larksong39 said...

What a fun outing! Memories--you'll always remember this one!