Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonders of Nature

"Children need adults to spend time with them. To take walks, hand in hand and sit for a while so they can talk about the wonders of nature....(that was) made for us to enjoy and take care of. Things like butterflies, leaves, rocks, flowers, birds... and answer the kind of questions kids ask." -Ed Whalen

While on a recent letterbox hunt we passed the Friendship Gardens in Plainfield, IN where I found this quote on a plaque next to a waterfall. It reminded me of my two daughters and the time we spend outdoors with them. I never regret taking them on walks, bike rides and hikes, looking at bugs and smelling flowers. In an article I read this week it said, "research shows exposing kids to nature yields all manner of health benefits, both physical and mental. Contact with nature improved attention spans and self-control in kids. Kids who spend time in nature also tend to play more creatively and handle stress more effectively." We need more of that at our house. If you are looking for us you'll find us outside.

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larksong39 said...

I love your posts! And I love the picture! and the quote and everything you say here!