Thursday, September 13, 2007

Art Cards

I can't believe I got three weeks behind on these little cards.

#34: Funny- Ha Ha! What do you find funny? What makes you laugh?

My DH has the greatest sense of humor. He can always make me laugh. That's one thing I love about him. He has a friend that can't eat shrimp for religious reasons, but he can eat any other kind of fish. So my DH googled an image of a sucker fish and asked if he could eat that. His friend was rolling with laughter. I guess his friend could eat it if he wanted to.

#35: Strength

Recently, I started taking a strength training class. This class is awesome. I can feel a difference in my muscles. I am getting stronger. It didn't take much though because I have such wimpy arms. I really enjoy the endurance type exercise class verses the aerobic class. I also ran my first 5K on 9-11-07. (I had to walk a bit of it, but I made it.)

#36: Life is Beautiful

I love this prompt. Losing a loved one teaches the valuable lesson of the importance of every moment. Being more patient, kinder, gentler, enjoying my children as they gleefully dump puzzle pieces all over the floor. Watching a sunset, taking a walk in the woods, and slurping ice cream on the back step. I remind myself to enjoy these things and indeed; life is beautiful.


Marjolein said...

What a wonderful cards you have made! I really like the strength one!

Lucky Starfish said...

You are Strength. That is your hallmark. I have always seen you as an extremely strong person. You have always been someone that I could look to as a source of strength, not matter what. Thanks for always being there for me. :D

happydays525 said...

Great cards! My fave is the one you did on strength, what a great photo for that card! =)

larksong39 said...

What good things to think about that you share!
I know that I am enjoying every moment with my two little grandkids here every day. Everything they do is so sweet, and they are so fun to watch. Yesterday M. wanted some watermelon just when I had a dozen other things to do. I usually cut the pieces up for her and put them in a bowl without seeds, but I this time I just cut the watermelon off the rind and cut it in pieces and gave her a fork and a spoon. I watched her as she tackled the project, and the funny expressions on her face as she got those seeds out. She was talking to them (the seeds) under her breath, making funny little faces when she finally did get a piece on the end of her fork and popped it into her mouth. She overcame, and soon all that was left on her plate were the seeds. Now, that was a lot more fun than if I had removed all the seeds myself!

I really am appreciating this "2nd chance" with little ones!