Friday, September 14, 2007

Inquisitive Probing

I glimpse into the mind of Z.
Coming home from school, this picture emerged from her backpack to show a tear-stained frowny face. "I was sad when I got lost." Yes, I have to admit I lost Z when she was four, in the children's museum, on an extremely crowded day. I tried to block all memories of that day from my mind, because I was embarrassed to admit I did such a thing. Then I met a friend who joked, "We went to the children's museum and I only lost our four year old twice." I love friends who can laugh in the face of danger, and turn the negative into something positive. Her tone was fun and her demeanor was non-judgemental. She helped me see that both my daughter and I learned an important lesson that day. Z knows why I tell her to stay close and I try to be less judgemental and more understanding.

*Q: "How do you know how to drive Daddy?"

*Q: "What things can you die from?"

*Q: "What does the box look like inside when you die?" (referring to the coffin)

*Q: "Do we live in a neighborhood?"

*"My tooth is wobbly, it is like a penguin running."

*Loud wailing from upstairs followed by Z's voice, "Lu Lu you have your nose- it's right there. I was just pretending."

*I asked Z to go back upstairs because she procured the wrong color of hair bow. Her response, "I can't go back up there my legs are exhausted."

*"I'm getting angry like a bull!"


Lucky Starfish said...

*"My tooth is wobbly, it is like a penguin running." I freaking LOVE this! You have to give Z and Lulu and big hug and kiss for me!

It's great that Z can express her feelings through her drawings.

larksong39 said...

Oh funny! Thank you for the laughs! I hope you are saving all these precious things. I'm sure you are making a scrapbook or something with all the funny and cute things your kids say and do! Thank you so much for sharing.