Saturday, September 29, 2007

Top Secret information about Snappy!

What was I doing 10 Years ago?
I had just flown home from living half way around the world. I was returning from an extended stay in the exotic Philippines. I had been eating fresh pineapples, mangoes, and bananas, speaking Tagalog, and riding in colorful jeepneys. The Philippines is made up of over 7,100 islands, but only about 25 have towns. I lived on the big island of Luzon, mostly in the Manila area. The climate there is generally tropic and humid. The people are Malay descent. They are very welcoming and giving. Christmas is the most celebrated holiday, with decorating beginning in September. Have you started decorating yet? If not you are behind according to Philippine traditions. I mentioned riding around in a jeepney and feel I should elaborate a little more. They are a highly decorated type of mini-bus built on the frame of old U.S. military jeeps. They carry 10-20 passengers for a low fare. When you want to get off you just tap on the metal roof.

What was I doing 5 Years ago?
We had just moved to our 6th apartment and had only been married three years. My DH was starting his Masters Degree. We moved in close proximity to my Aunt and six of my cousins, three of whom had spouses. It was so fun to live close to family. We regularly got together for Sunday dinners, pic-nics, and holidays. It was always a full house when we got together with lots of fun. The best part was reliable, trustworthy, free babysitters.

What was I doing 1 Year ago?
Taking my girls to the Anderson Apple Orchard where we picked apples, drank fresh apple cider, played in the hay, and posed by the piles of pumpkins. Did I mention I love fall?

What was I doing Yesterday?
Camping at Lieber State Recreation Area. We bought a six man tent. I get extremely claustrophobic in small spaces and have the hardest time sleeping in our two man tent. We ate hot dogs roasted over the fire, smores, and hot cocoa. I actually saw the stars and we had a full moon. Living in the city I rarely see any stars due to light pollution. The only drawback- the trip to the bathroom was a little far for a potty training toddler. On the bright side-It was a flush toilet.

Five snacks I enjoy.
Chocolate chip cookies and milk.
Chips and Salsa with cream cheese.
Fresh pineapple.
Apple slices and cheese.
Lays potato chips.

Five things I would do if I had $100 Million.
Buy a house.
Travel a lot.
Make a donation to PBS.
Buy a grand piano.
Set aside money for my children's education.

Five places I would love to run away to.

Five t.v. shows that I like.
Wide Angle
The Amazing Race

Five things I hate doing.
Cleaning the bathtub
Giving haircuts
Wiping down the stove top
Getting fines at the library
Untangling hair from the vacuum cleaner

Five biggest Joys of the Moment.
Giggles from Lulu
Art drawn by Z
Weekends we go camping
Finding a bargain
Meeting new friends


Lucky Starfish said...

It is so cool to read about your experiences in the Philippines. Who knew my sister was so rad?? oh that's right, I did. :D

Stephanie said...

That was a fun post to read. Thanks for sharing!