Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sewing up a little love!

I decided to sew some mini quilts for my daughter and niece. It was a fun little challenge and didn't take me too long to put together. I used fabric my mom cut out eons ago. She was planning on making a quilt. Now her granddaughters can have their own little quilt. I know she would have made them homemade gifts. I hope they enjoy snuggling their stuffed animals or dolls under these little blankets. I machine stitched flowers and hearts onto the squares but you can't see the detail in the picture. Now I just need to work on the twin size quilt I started more than six months ago. I almost have the top pieced together.


Lucky Starfish said...

You know that their Grandma is proud that you found good use of those quilt squares.

I have still not started the quilt of mine yet.... I would like to make a queen sized one, but that will never happen at the rate I'm going at! At least you have a good start on your Twin!

Kt said...

Sinny Wekin loves hers! She covers her doll with it all the time. I have to confess that I might love it just a little bit more than she does.