Monday, May 17, 2010

I planted a tree.

This post is a little late, but its never too late to mention taking care of the earth. Our school celebrated earth day on Friday May 7th. The community members, along with the school teachers and students combed the grounds of the town cleaning up litter. I volunteered to walk with the second grade class. We were assigned the football field and the bushes that line the parking lot of the school. We found wrappers, plastic water bottles, soda cans, paper, and bits of plastic. The strangest items we found were a pizza and a full unopened carton of chocolate milk. Now I understand why my dog likes to sniff around in the bushes. The kids throw their uneaten food there.
Our community has a paper bin at the post office where patrons can put their magazines, weekly newspaper ads, and other recyclable papers. This saves a ton of paper going to the landfill. When I moved here they were seeking a volunteer to empty the small post office bin each week to the large county bin. I found this task manageable and volunteered for the position. I usually ride my bike with my bike trailer, or push my stroller to the post office, fill up the back with the papers and take them to the county bin. In appreciation of my efforts, I received this little tree which I planted in my backyard. Is it going to grow tall like those other trees? It's little and tiny and I think its cute.
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